What next for Chris Hughton?

With relegation avoided, Nottingham Forest can look ahead to next season now. But what does that look like? What change can we expect? And, more importantly, what next for Chris Hughton?... Read More

Nottingham Forest and the Prison of Belief

Empty promises, repeated mistakes, another season going backwards not forwards… what keeps Nottingham Forest fans coming back after almost a quarter-century of failure? Tom Head is beginning to wonder... Read More

What can we expect from Chris Hughton?

Out with Sabri Lamouchi, in with Chris Hughton... the manager merry-go-round continued at Nottingham Forest yesterday as the former Brighton & Hove Albion manager stepped into the hot seat at the City Ground... Read More

The Camel Column: Say Hello, Wave Goodbye

What happens when Nottingham Forest gets hold of your heart? Or when the play-offs say hello, and wave goodbye? And can you look to Star Trek for your post-season analysis? The Camel has the answers... Read More

Believing in failure

Sometimes failure is the path to success. It’s a platform to build upon, and it helps eliminate fear of failure. For Nottingham Forest, maybe embracing failure is the key to our future, says Paul Severn... Read More

Season review: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

A successful season in many ways, and yet it ended in disappointment. What were the highlights, the lowlights and the leading lights for Nottingham Forest in 2019/20? David Marples, Andrew Brookes, Paul Severn and Peter Blackburn conduct the season review... Read More

Familiar feelings at Nottingham Forest

It’s a familiar predicament for Nottingham Forest fans as the club approaches the final match of the season, the future unknown and unpredictable. Will it be heaven or hell? Either way, it’s something we’re used to, says Paul Severn... Read More