10 of the best… Nottingham Forest podcasts

If you hadn’t noticed, there’s been quite a lot to say about events at the City Ground recently. So what better time to introduce 10 of the best Nottingham Forest podcasts — here in their own words

1. The 1865 Forest Ramble

The 1865 Forest Ramble delivers intelligent analysis, blended with a real passion for the club. We talk tactics and transfers, players and performances, because what matters most is on the pitch. We produce a match report on every fixture, and longer listens each month, plus a few features looking on the lighter side (because you need a sense of humour to follow Forest). On top of this, we have interviews with special guests, and the occasional trip down Memory Lane — all with the understated class of a Nigel Clough pass. After Forest coverage with substance? Give us a listen.
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2. Two Stars

The aim of Two Stars is to offer a Forest podcast that, whilst celebrating the general wonderfulness of our club and its history, isn’t afraid to ask necessary questions about the current state of play at the City Ground. Paul Taylor, The Athletic’s Forest correspondent, has excellent contacts within the game and the club and has his finger on the pulse of Forest, while Nick Miller is one of the best football writers (and talkers) around, as well as being totally besotted with NFFC. It’s early days for our show but I hope in time we will become a regular part of Forest fans’ weekly routine as we put up with the (not very) good, the (often) bad and the (habitually) ugly. A new episode of Two Stars drops every week, usually on a Thursday, fixtures pending.
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3. Garibaldi Red

Hosted by the Nottingham Post‘s Matt Davies, a Forest fan of 30 years, the podcast is a mix of breaking down the team’s most recent results and eye-opening nostalgia covering the past decade and all the way back to beating Malmo. Forest reporter Sarah Clapson gives her insight into what’s happening on the pitch today, along with Reds legend Garry Birtles, fans and semi-regular guests such as David Prutton. Since the podcast launched almost a year ago there have also been well-received long-form interviews with former managers Frank Clark, Paul Hart and Sean O’Driscoll, as well as numerous ex-players. The podcast is out every Wednesday with occasional impromptu episodes added in.
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4. Nottingham Forest Weekly

Nottingham Forest Weekly is the podcast where BBC Radio Nottingham’s David Jackson and Colin Fray share some of the best interviews of the past seven days and discuss the latest goings-on at the City Ground. There are interviews with Forest players past and present — Terry Wilson made a recent appearance, Steve Hodge discussed Maradona last week and David Phillips is on this week. Every week is different. A bit like being a Forest fan.

5. Forever Forest Podcast

The Forever Forest Podcast has been going for five years and has over 100 episodes and specials in their back catalogue. The podcast remains focused on finding some form of happiness in supporting one of the nation’s most frustrating clubs. Player interviews, parody music, poetry, rants and plenty of fan interaction on social media, plus competitions and giveaways. Forever Forest is the go-to destination for some fun group therapy with other Forest fans.
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6. Forest All Over

Forest All Over is a podcast dedicated to connecting Forest and football fans all over the world. With an Irish co-host living in Canada and a Nottingham co-host based in the UK, their initial goal was to find the most remote Forest fan. Since then, they’ve had fans from the Bahamas, South Africa, Hawaii, Australia, Toronto and Bermuda. Their focus is also based on all football fans, professionals and other Forest fan groups, such as LGBT+ Trickies. The podcast is about two best friends who hate each other, but love Forest, adding football fun and silly stories to a name now more synonymous for something quite different, a typical Forest implosion.
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7. Time Added On

A weekly podcast released on a Monday about all things Nottingham Forest. Hosted by two brothers, lifelong Forest fans Chris and Tom, listen as we give our take on the games just gone, preview the upcoming matches and discuss everything else in between. Throughout the season we will also take a walk down Memory Lane as we discuss some of our most memorable moments down the years, whether that be elation, disappointment or just our standard match day routines down NG2.
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8. Mist Rolling In

Mist Rolling In is a Forest podcast made by long-suffering supporters of the club, giving our extremely honest views and opinions whilst not taking ourselves too seriously. You can often find us losing it at a mispronunciation or talking about Scott McKenna’s member. Most importantly we’ve been called the ‘Ryan Yates of Forest Podcasts’ which means a lot of people might not like us, but we’re steadily improving and winning them over. There’s plenty of the season left though, so people could hate us again by the end.
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9. Forest Fancast

Forest Fancast is the official podcast of the Nottingham Forest FC North America Supporters Group. Our variety of co-hosts cover the gamut, from ex-pats to yanks, from life-long Reds to recent converts. In addition to our regular pods which cover Forest related news, analyse recent matches, and consider upcoming fixtures, we routinely release special episodes featuring interviews with Forest players, coaches, local media, and other folks of regional note. Forest Fancast is also the only Forest podcast that sponsors one of the Nottingham Forest Women’s Team players. When we roar ‘YOU REDS!’, we mean ALL ‘YOU REDS!’
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10. Over the Trent

The Over the Trent podcast has been a key part of University Radio Nottingham’s sporting coverage for nearly a decade. Discussing the latest news at both of the city’s professional football clubs, Forest and County, the podcast’s listenership has grown significantly and is now much more than simply a student show. After a two-year hiatus, the podcast returned this summer, interviewing the likes of Les Bradd, Matt Mills and Clive Tyldesley. Well-informed, entertaining and with a variety of different guests every week, the podcast looks forward to a bigger and better 2021, with (hopefully) a live show or two.
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